Saturday, January 15, 2011

Is the Governor a fat headed liar? (re: Black Prisoners Only)

One of the odd things that Governor Triplechin said in yesterday's clusterfuck of an interview was a tale about the NAACP inviting him to see prisoners, but insisting he only meet the black ones. I quoteth:

“They invited me to go to the state prison to meet black prisoners and I told them I would go, but that I would meet all prisoners, and that wasn’t acceptable to them. So tough luck.”

Except, of course, this is a total lie. The NAACP invitation made no mention of the race of the prisoners, indeed, they claim, such an event would be impossible. Furthermore, LePage declined the invitation--he was the only candidate to do so--because of a scheduling conflict.

This is not the first time LePage has blatantly lied. The man is simply dishonest. He's a crude, thoughtless lout...a bully, a name caller, and, frankly, a moron. This man is not fit to be governor of a Little Caesar's, let alone a state.

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