Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Confirmed: LePage a Lying Sack of Crap

Only weeks into his tenure, we now know for a fact that Paul LePage is a crude, classless, lying, semi-illiterate troglodyte (how's that for toning down the rhetoric!?!). Today the NAACP confirmed that LePage invented facts out of thin air when justifying his snub and subsequent telloff of the NAACP.

The Press Herald has a rundown of the facts. According to NAACP spokesperson Rachel Talbot Ross, LePage made no objections to the invitation, but cited a previous commitment, and made no counterproposal to "meet all prisoners" that the NAACP deemed unacceptable, as he claimed. Moreover, the event itself was not segregated in any way or meant only for black prisoners, a claim which Ross finds "baffling."

So are we clear here? The exchange which LePage used as a preamble to telling one of the oldest civil rights organizations in the country to kiss his butt NEVER HAPPENED. Governor Triplechin merely invented it out of thin air. Moreover, the event was not in any way like he described it.

Do you know what this shows to me? Racism. Not the "I hate dem negroes!" style racism, but the kind of beneath the surface racism that, sadly, is rather prevalent in our state and in the white conservative world in general. LePage clearly has some preconceived notions about what the NAACP is, resents that there are organizations that promote the well being and protect the rights of people of color, and sees any attempt to do so as somehow wrong. Because, obviously, everyone should look out for him or herself in this pull yourself up by your bootstraps kind of world. It's a form of white resentment, a way of feeling superior to blacks in an age of legal equality. I give the governor credit for working through his own difficult period in life and rising to success, but he should never forget that he ONLY GOT WHERE HE IS TODAY because of the FAVORITISM of a powerful Maine family. When our Governor, who was almost completely illiterate in English, was rejected from Husson college, the Snowe family intervened on his behalf. That's the kind of favoritism most minorities, indeed most people, cannot count on. So when LePage complains about civil rights organizations I really can do nothing but laugh.

Governor, when will you apologize to the NAACP not only for your crass insult, but for denigrating the entire organization as racist? We're all waiting. And I'm sure we'll keep on waiting. Afterall, LePage's spokesporson Dan DeMerritt completely dismissed the issue, complaining that the NAACP was choosing to "nitpick about an invitation that occurred or did not occur six months ago." No, actually, Dan, they are upset about a complete fabrication and a gross and unfathomable insult by your pig faced boss. Get your facts straight.

We have elected clowns.

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