Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Another weird lie: LePage's black son isn't actually his son

So, remember how Paul LePage insisted he couldn't be racist because some of his best friends are black he has a black son? Well, apparently that is not actually true. Like most of what comes out of Governor Triplechin's fat face, this claim, oddly, dose not stand up to scrutiny.

According to the Portland Press Herald, the man he is referring to--Devon Raymond, Jr.--is not LePage's adopted son, nor does he have any legal relationship to the family whatsoever, nor is he even a US citizen. Mr. Raymond was introduced to LePage through his father, who caddied for LePage on a golfing trip. Shortly thereafter, the then 17 year old moved to Waterville and began living with the LePages. He then briefly attended Husson before transferring to and graudating from Grambling State. He briefly played golf on the pro tour.

So what exactly happened? Did some Golf Caddy in Jamaica offer LePage his son? Why? Does he have a student visa? Is he a permanent resident? Was this some secret plan to get a golf ringer on the Waterville High School golf team? ? I kid, but this is a bizarre stroy, and one more whopping lie from our fat idiot of a governor.


Anonymous said...

That is very interesting. Someone should actually do a news report on that.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure him being fat has a lot to do with him being an idiot, but thanks for writing about the insanity that is Paul LePage.