Thursday, April 28, 2011

Back From Hiatus To Comment on The Rube-ification of Maine.

Honestly, almost every day I hear something else that makes me shudder to think of the festering hellhole that Maine is becoming. Bear with me gentle readers, for this post is actually NOT about LePage, but about his troglodyte minions in our newly Tea-Riffic legislature.

The morons who rule us are pushing legislation, known as LD 31, that would require teenagers to get their parents permission to receive birth control pills. Yes, that's birth control bills for teenage girls unless they ask mommy and daddy for permission first. Let that sink in for a second.

How many teenage girls are NOT going to get the pills now because they don't want to share their sexual habits with their parents, for whatever reason? How many more teenage pregnancies will we get as a result of this nonsense, which basically strips minors of their rights to receive medical care unless their parents give the ok, no matter if their parents are abusive, negligent, or simply moralizing pricks.

My friends, this really is a low blow. Let me tell you something: teenagers are going to screw. Yes, they are. It's what teenagers do. Always have, always will. Now, this could be problematic for any number of reasons, but in and of itself it is not some great crime, and certainly much of what is problematic about it can be minimized by easy access to contraception.

NPR did a piece on this last night, which, as is often the case, had me bashing my head against the steering wheel, nearly leading to a horrific accident (I should stop listening to NPR). Thankfully, many parents are petitioning to oppose this horrible legislation, but, this being Maine, there are plenty of ignorant hicks ready to stand up for the Antifeminist Tradition. Here's a particularly idiotic example of the bill's supporters' logic:

But supporters of the bill say the petition-signers do not represent the majority of Maine parents. One of the bill's co-sponsors, Republican Sen. Lois Snowe-Mello of Poland, says many parents in her district tell her that their children's ability to get contraception without their permission has them feeling left out of the picture. "We've got to let our children know that having relations is very serious and that it leads into a whole change of life for them," she says.

Hey, dumbfuck Senator, you know what leads into a whole change of life, having a fucking baby at 16, you stupid cow. I fail to see what allowing a teenager access to medical care without a parent's permission has to do with a parent being involved in teaching their kid about sex. Those two things have, literally, NOTHING to do with each other. All this legislation does is ensure that when the parents (inevitably) fail to convince their 16 year old about the perverted evils of Sexytime, such 16 year old will be far less likely to have the pill that magically prevents them from getting preggers after a steamy night in the parking lot behind the Dutch Treat.

But, of course, this isn't, and has never been, about the welfare of children. It's about policing the bodies of young girls...because they are precious inviolable holy temples, or should be, or some shit, and if they are not precious temples then they are diseased syphlitic whores. And there is absolutely nothing in between. Amen.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Reap The Whirlwind

Isn't it great how EVERYONE is turning against Governor Triplechin these days? There's literally no place for him to hide from his idiocy.

Restore the mural, Governor.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

LePage Looks To Turn Maine Into Dickensian Nightmare

Well, I'm sick of talking about the Mural, but luckily there is never a shortage of LePage material. Why, just last night I was driving home from work and almost drove my car into a ditch due to my sputtering rage at hearing about this:

The sponsor of a new child labor bill says employers should have the flexibility to pay workers under age 20 a “training wage.”

Opponents countered that the proposal devalues young workers and takes money out of the hands of laborers and gives it to business.

LD 1346 suggests several significant changes to Maine’s child labor law, most notably a 180-day period during which workers under age 20 would earn $5.25 an hour.

The state’s current minimum wage is $7.50 an hour.

If this isn't the most crass and obvious handout to the Chamber crowd I've ever, why exactly would anyone hire someone at full minimum wage? You're basically creating a youthful underclass that will provide cheap labor to merchants at a time of crippling unemployment. And, not only that, you are literally ROBBING money from hard working high school kids whose families may in fact partially depend on their income.

The bill would also allow children to work for 24 hours a week instead of 20, which I am sort of agnostic about (though it could be misused by employers to pressure their new cheap labor to work more hours). Really, this clown won't be happy until we are all in line for porridge, pitiably asking him for "more."

Monday, March 28, 2011

LePage Is a Coward - Removes Mural Over The Weekend

Mr. Toughguy, apparently quivering in his boots at the thought of a few protesters in the department of labor, stealthily had the labor mural removed over the weekend while the building was closed.

And so this sad episode comes to an end without the good people of Maine getting to have their say, with the autocratic fiat of our tinpot dictator of a governor whitewashing historical reality like so many, as the New York Times pointed out, Egyptian pharaohs before him.

It's possible that this sad, pathetic episode will generate the most national attention of anything LePage ever does. Even his infantile schoolboy taunts to the NAACP didn't quite catch on like this story, which has gotten a few words in almost every national news outlet, and been blogged the nation over.

The result, of course, is that Maine is becoming a laughingstock. When people think of Maine, they will think less of lobster, rocky coasts, scenic byways, and moose crossings, and more of the foolish simpletons who elected the cretinous blockhead to be governor (the fact that this fathead received barely over a third of the vote will be forgotten to history).

But, thankfully ,I also have another prediction: this is the beginning of the end for LePage. By now it is clear to everyone, even the mouthbreathers who will continue to voice support, that this moron doesn't deserve to be within 20 miles of the Governor's Mansion.

If only stupidity were his worst attribute, for far more likely to wreak havoc on Maine is his lickspittle cronyism for big business and the Chamber lobbyists. I daresay Pual LePage hasn't had an original thought pass through his brain-matter since he figured out his only hope in life was to beg Peter Snowe to get his semi-illiterate ass into Husson College.

Friday, March 25, 2011

A Message For LePage on March 25, 2011

Maine Will Fight For Labor History

Will the people of Maine fight against the insanity that is the Chamber of Commerce Governor? It seems that they will:

More than 200 demonstrators crowded into the offices of the Maine Department of Labor on Friday morning to protest Gov. Paul LePage’s planned removal of a labor-themed mural from the building’s lobby.

The small lobby that houses the actual mural, however, was no match for the crowd, which instead was forced to line the hallways to listen to speakers express their thoughts — ranging from dismay to outrage — at the Republican governor’s order.

Does the Governor even care how stupid and petty he looks? He must a little, because he is proposing to move the mural to Portland City Hall. Does that even make sense? Hmm...a mural honoring MAINE'S labor history, with scenes from Lewiston, Auburn, Bath, etc., will be removed from the DEPARTMENT OF LABOR and placed in Portland City Hall. Is there a single scene on the mural that even depicts Portland? Regardless, it's obviously a work of art dedicated to the state as a whole, not to one ultra-liberal city.

I guarantee you that the fat coward will not have the guts to actually go through with this.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

LePage Is Lying About Mural

The dumbass Chamber crony in the governor's mansion is LYING again. He told us, you see, that business owners have been "complaining" about the Labor history mural now hanging in the department of Labor. Asked to provide examples of these "complaints," this joke of administration could only muster up the pathetic ranting of an anonymous faxer:

LePage spokeswoman Adrienne Bennett said the governor's office has received "several messages" from the public complaining about the mural. She also released an anonymous fax, dated Feb. 24, that apparently came from someone who recently visited the Labor Department's lobby.

"In this mural I observed a figure which closely resembles the former commissioner of labor," the person wrote. "In studying the mural I also observed that this mural is nothing but propaganda to further the agenda of the Union movement. I felt for a moment that I was in communist North Korea where they use these murals to brainwash the masses."

The fax is signed "A Secret Admirer."

So, where exactly are those "business leaders" who complained? That's what you've got as evidence? An anonymous fax by a ranting lunatic who sounds like your average commenter at FreeRepublic.Com? Seriously? I mean, you can redact the names if you want, but show us the angry emails you've gotten from employers! Surely they're somewhere, right? Or did this whole cockamaymee scheme arise out of one Rushbot's anonymous rant?

So about those business leaders? Well, even LePage's handlers at the Chamber of Commerce admit that they haven't said a peep.

Dana Connors, president of the Maine State Chamber of Commerce, said he has not received any complaints about the mural from businesses.

Normally, one would give the Governor of a state the benefit of the doubt about something like this. But LePage already has a history of being a lying sack of dog shit. He lied about his experience with the NAACP. He lied about having a black son. He lied and is continuing to lie about the harmful effects of BPA. He lied about medicaid reimbursements.

Paul LePage is a big fat liar.