Friday, March 25, 2011

Maine Will Fight For Labor History

Will the people of Maine fight against the insanity that is the Chamber of Commerce Governor? It seems that they will:

More than 200 demonstrators crowded into the offices of the Maine Department of Labor on Friday morning to protest Gov. Paul LePage’s planned removal of a labor-themed mural from the building’s lobby.

The small lobby that houses the actual mural, however, was no match for the crowd, which instead was forced to line the hallways to listen to speakers express their thoughts — ranging from dismay to outrage — at the Republican governor’s order.

Does the Governor even care how stupid and petty he looks? He must a little, because he is proposing to move the mural to Portland City Hall. Does that even make sense? Hmm...a mural honoring MAINE'S labor history, with scenes from Lewiston, Auburn, Bath, etc., will be removed from the DEPARTMENT OF LABOR and placed in Portland City Hall. Is there a single scene on the mural that even depicts Portland? Regardless, it's obviously a work of art dedicated to the state as a whole, not to one ultra-liberal city.

I guarantee you that the fat coward will not have the guts to actually go through with this.


Anonymous said...

Does LaPage even realize that the Department of Labor has one mission and only one mission, and that is to help protect workers. If LaPage wants a pro-business mural install it at the Office of Business Development which regularlly approves the millions of dollars of blackmail money to businesses through the tax increment finance program. Just like the Department of Environmental Protection should not be promoting pollution, or any number of otehr State departments. What an idiot!

Bede the Youthful said...

I want to commission a mural of Paul LePage shining the shoe of each and every member of the state Chamber of Commerce and have it hung in the Office of Business Development.