Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Governor is a Big Fat Hypocrite

Now, this really surprises me. You'd think a rich asshole like Paul LePage would at least not be tone-deaf enough to realize that if he's planning to slash the pensions of public employees, he would include his own as part of the "shared sacrifice" meme. I mean, how much could LePage really need that measly $26,000 a year from the state, since he's such a good businessman and surely has a private retirement account that will see to all of his needs for life (right?). But, no, it turns out Governor Triplechin really is that dumb:

Gov. Paul LePage's proposed $6.1 billion budget calls for most public employees and teachers to contribute an additional 2 percent into their pensions. The administration has described the proposal as a "shared sacrifice" plan designed to plug the state's budget gap.

But LePage's decision not to contribute more to his own pension benefit has prompted critics to claim the governor has exempted himself from his budget mantra while missing an opportunity to lead by example.

By now it's clear what philosophy governs this fucking asshole's politics. The working class in Maine just have it TOO DAMN GOOD and need to SACRIFICE dammit for the good of...the good of...uh...wealthy business owners, I guess...and members of the Chamber of Commerce. As for LePage? Well, of course he shouldn't have his pension contribution upped. He was a powerful executive at Marden's and created quadrillions of minimum wage jobs. If anything, he should get a big fat bonus check from the state of Maine for keeping so many people off the dole.

Meanwhile, despite his spittle-flecked ranting about sacrifice and deficits, taxes for the rich (i.e. state revenue) will go down down down under LePage's plan....and that will create jobs instead of nicer yachts in Kennebunkport because...um...a wizard did it.

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