Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Michigan Chamber of Commerce Loves LePage

Colin Woodward has done some great work investigating the dodgy campaign finance issues of the election. Aside from such Orwellian misnomers as the "Green Jobs for Maine PAC" that was actually a slot-machine supporter's PAC (I guess slots ARE emissions free), the race was also inundated with money from out of state PACs supporting Governor LePage. According to Woodward:

Fifty out of state corporations and industry associations to whom LePage owes a great debt including:

From these facts we can be fairly certain why LePage is just giddy at the prospect of wasting millions of Maine dollars in a fruitless challenge of the Affordable Care Act. We should also expect to soon see pledges to privatize our prisons, strip public schools of funding in favor of vouchers to attend charters, the rolling back of our environmental protections to mollify energy companies, and, last but not least, lots of casual talk about how great a vacation spot Michigan makes!

Seriously, though, does anyone understand that Michigan Chamber donation? I get that LePage is a chamber kinda guy ("durrrrr, CUT THE RED TAPE, durrrrr), but Michigan? Do state chambers donate money to other state's gubernatorial candidates in some kind of baity-switchy trickery? Did the Maine Chamber of Commerce send money to North Carolina or something? Should we expect the Michigan Chamber of Commerce to get some free billboard space? I hope it means more Bell's Beer in our local packies!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Our Governor is a Complete Moron

Our Semi-Illiterate Governor apparently has never read the constitution. Mr. I Heart the Constitution is under the impression that if 35 states band together they can veto any federal law. Here is Governor Dumb-Dumb in his own words:

"I am going to be sitting with our attorney general and ask him to join the (health care reform) lawsuit against the federal government," he said, adding he just learned that if 35 states join the suit, the law "dies, automatically." Twenty states so far have joined the suit, filed in federal court in Florida, to repeal the provision in health care reform law that requires individuals to purchase health insurance.

Does anyone have a clue what this blockhead is talking about? My guess is that some actual fact about the number of states needed to ratify a constitutional amendment or something got passed down the right wing tea bagger line in an epic game of telephone until it somehow morphed into the "35 state veto" claim.

Seriously, people of Maine...this is what you have elected GOVERNOR. The general manager of Marden's. You should definitely not have bought it when ya saw it. Oh, and kudos to Kennebec Journal reporter (i.e. stenographer) who reported this gem of a quote without bothering to fact check it at all! Way to be the guardian of truth, Rebecca Metzler!

Friday, December 3, 2010

LePage: Obama not Marxist fascist Islamist terrorist after all, need not go to Hell. Also, please help me learn to talk good!

Governor LePage was shocked to find that President of the United States, a man who did not almost get rejected from Husson College for lack of reading ability, but who, rather, was editor of the Harvard Law Review, was "more pragmatic" than he expected. Unfortunately, in trying to articulate this position, Governor DumbDumb (as I've named him) lives up to his appellation:

"Where I think we're pretty different is I think he looks at life being a lot more political than I. I look at it more people, he looks at it political. I'll get mad quicker than he will," LePage said, chuckling.

Huh? What the hell does that even mean? "I look at it more people"? I'll give one hundred gold dubloons to any God fearing Mainer who can translate this ninny's gobbledygook into English for me. Thanks!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Republicans put Medicaid-scamming bankrupt in charge of Senate

Mind boggling...

When it came time to choose the Speaker, the House voted 138-11 to cast one ballot for Nutting -- an extra step in the proceedings designed to give Democrats a chance to show their opposition.

Traditionally, the House casts one ballot for Speaker with unanimous consent from everyone in the chamber. On this day, 11 Democrats voted in opposition to Nutting.

At a Democratic caucus Tuesday, some Democrats said they could not support Nutting because of billing irregularities at a pharmacy he ran in Oakland.

Nutting was found to have over billed Medicaid by $1.6 million over a period of years. After declaring bankruptcy in 2003, he paid back $433,000 to the state and federal government.

Nutting has called the problem an honest mistake and made no reference to it in his acceptance speech.

I understand that this kind of duplicity does not know partisan bias, but after taking control for the first time in 30 years, don't you think Maine Republicans could have found a non-criminal to lead their caucus?

LePage walking back schoolboy taunts of Obama

Paul "toughguy" LeRage is now a teensy weensy bit embarrassed that he acted like a drunken lout when he told the President of the United States to "Go to hell" (let your bosom swell with pride, Maine!). He hopes to do a better job acting like a civilized adult when he meets President Obama at a Homeland Security conference along with other governors-elect.

Back in September, LePage had an emphatic response for fishermen who complained that federal regulations were threatening their livelihoods. “As your governor, you’re going to be seeing a lot of me on the front page, saying ‘Governor LePage tells Obama to go to hell,”’ he said to applause.

LePage said he regretted his earlier language, but he remains concerned about federal bureaucrats imposing rules and regulations that put people out of work.

Yes, Maine, this is the petulant child we've elected governor. A man who threatens to punch MPBN reporters. A man, who again, could barely read when he graduated high school. A confirmed tax cheat. As for all that "red tape" that chokes job creation...what exactly do you think LePage wants to do away with? Environmental protection laws? Check. But what else? OSHA safety regulations? The minimum wage? Child labor laws? Who knows...he's never EVER been specific about exactly what "red tape" he finds offensive. The man is all boorish, sour-breathed bluster.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Anti-Healthcare Wingut to be next Attorney General

As depressing as the LePage governorship is, let us not overlook the impending horror of the new GOP majorities in the state legislature. Remember, this is a party whose official platform included--among other gems--a rejection of the United Nations, a call for an end to all government overisght of the energy industry, and dire warnings about the ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT (cue spooky music).
The first consequence of the Nutjob takeover will be the appointment of a new Attorney General, among other state officers. Today, the Republicans lived up to their platform by appointing right wing reactionary William Schneider. Schneider has already promised to fight The Affordable Care act in the courts, presumably on the premise that the greatest threat currently facing the state of Maine is the possibility that more Mainers will have access to affordable health care coverage. Presumably, Mr. Schneider also has a way, alternatively, to fill the coverage gap plaguing our state without further taxing our strained MaineCare system. Nah, of course not. Guys like this care about one thing: scoring political points by bashing demmycrats. Extra points for bashing Obama!!

Seriously, does no one else see what is coming here? Maine is about to live the Tea Party experiment in all its glory. Sweet Lord above, see us through.

Why Maine Will Soon Be Run by the Chamber of Commerce

We all know that Paul LePage was turned down from Husson College because he could barely read, but let that fool you not: the man is not stupid across the board. While I suspect he has a marvelous untapped talent for utterly destroying states, he has already demonstrated his savant-like knack for pissing off lib'ruls and for whoring himself out to moneyed interest. In a move that will make progress in both areas, LePage met yesterday with Maine "business leaders" to decide whether to dismantle ALL of Maine's consumer and environmental protection laws, or simply most of them. Absent from the meeting was anyone who might have the temerity to disagree with the holy righteous march of laissez faire capitalism:

Absent from the forum were environmental groups, public health advocates and consumer advocates, who were not invited. LePage said those groups will have a chance to weigh in on his proposals as part of the legislative process.

The approach drew criticism.

Peter Didisheim, a lobbyist for the Natural Resources Council of Maine, said past governors have reached out to all sides before submitting major legislation.

He said Maine's environmental laws were written over 50 years with broad bipartisan support. Before LePage submits legislation to roll them back, he should at least take time to hear from people who offer a different perspective, Didisheim said.

"There are many voices that need to be heard," he said. "This is not a balanced and fair approach to the policy process."

Oh Silly Mr. Didisheim! Mr. LePage won his election with a massive 30 something percent of the vote. How dare you have the insolence to propse that viewpoints alternate to his own common sense conservative eminence be aired at this "unprecedented" summit.

If you wanted to get the governor elect's attention, you should have strangled a seagull for money as a sign of your devotion to business and your disdain for pesky critters.