Sunday, December 5, 2010

Our Governor is a Complete Moron

Our Semi-Illiterate Governor apparently has never read the constitution. Mr. I Heart the Constitution is under the impression that if 35 states band together they can veto any federal law. Here is Governor Dumb-Dumb in his own words:

"I am going to be sitting with our attorney general and ask him to join the (health care reform) lawsuit against the federal government," he said, adding he just learned that if 35 states join the suit, the law "dies, automatically." Twenty states so far have joined the suit, filed in federal court in Florida, to repeal the provision in health care reform law that requires individuals to purchase health insurance.

Does anyone have a clue what this blockhead is talking about? My guess is that some actual fact about the number of states needed to ratify a constitutional amendment or something got passed down the right wing tea bagger line in an epic game of telephone until it somehow morphed into the "35 state veto" claim.

Seriously, people of Maine...this is what you have elected GOVERNOR. The general manager of Marden's. You should definitely not have bought it when ya saw it. Oh, and kudos to Kennebec Journal reporter (i.e. stenographer) who reported this gem of a quote without bothering to fact check it at all! Way to be the guardian of truth, Rebecca Metzler!


Anonymous said...

Lapage is a dum A** and he is going to destoy our state

Erika said...

Paul LePage is a dumb a**.. okay our children may be at risk due to bpa and so do as the pedi says and avoid it to be safe and thats what im doing..not what a polition says...he thinks making cuts to health care will help? ok so u cut the health care then single females lose birth control then there is hunderds of unplanned pregnacies then they have babies rack up millions in hospitol fees and cant pay because this idiot took it and then the hospitals cant afford to stay open then everyone is screwed... come on thats just 1 example, he is screwing up maine and causing more issues then solving... LePage is uneducated in many departments and i dont know how he ever became gov. but lets pray he dont screw the whole state up n further more lets pray this moron wont be re_elected..ever..