Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Why Maine Will Soon Be Run by the Chamber of Commerce

We all know that Paul LePage was turned down from Husson College because he could barely read, but let that fool you not: the man is not stupid across the board. While I suspect he has a marvelous untapped talent for utterly destroying states, he has already demonstrated his savant-like knack for pissing off lib'ruls and for whoring himself out to moneyed interest. In a move that will make progress in both areas, LePage met yesterday with Maine "business leaders" to decide whether to dismantle ALL of Maine's consumer and environmental protection laws, or simply most of them. Absent from the meeting was anyone who might have the temerity to disagree with the holy righteous march of laissez faire capitalism:

Absent from the forum were environmental groups, public health advocates and consumer advocates, who were not invited. LePage said those groups will have a chance to weigh in on his proposals as part of the legislative process.

The approach drew criticism.

Peter Didisheim, a lobbyist for the Natural Resources Council of Maine, said past governors have reached out to all sides before submitting major legislation.

He said Maine's environmental laws were written over 50 years with broad bipartisan support. Before LePage submits legislation to roll them back, he should at least take time to hear from people who offer a different perspective, Didisheim said.

"There are many voices that need to be heard," he said. "This is not a balanced and fair approach to the policy process."

Oh Silly Mr. Didisheim! Mr. LePage won his election with a massive 30 something percent of the vote. How dare you have the insolence to propse that viewpoints alternate to his own common sense conservative eminence be aired at this "unprecedented" summit.

If you wanted to get the governor elect's attention, you should have strangled a seagull for money as a sign of your devotion to business and your disdain for pesky critters.

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