Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Anti-Healthcare Wingut to be next Attorney General

As depressing as the LePage governorship is, let us not overlook the impending horror of the new GOP majorities in the state legislature. Remember, this is a party whose official platform included--among other gems--a rejection of the United Nations, a call for an end to all government overisght of the energy industry, and dire warnings about the ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT (cue spooky music).
The first consequence of the Nutjob takeover will be the appointment of a new Attorney General, among other state officers. Today, the Republicans lived up to their platform by appointing right wing reactionary William Schneider. Schneider has already promised to fight The Affordable Care act in the courts, presumably on the premise that the greatest threat currently facing the state of Maine is the possibility that more Mainers will have access to affordable health care coverage. Presumably, Mr. Schneider also has a way, alternatively, to fill the coverage gap plaguing our state without further taxing our strained MaineCare system. Nah, of course not. Guys like this care about one thing: scoring political points by bashing demmycrats. Extra points for bashing Obama!!

Seriously, does no one else see what is coming here? Maine is about to live the Tea Party experiment in all its glory. Sweet Lord above, see us through.

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