Monday, March 28, 2011

LePage Is a Coward - Removes Mural Over The Weekend

Mr. Toughguy, apparently quivering in his boots at the thought of a few protesters in the department of labor, stealthily had the labor mural removed over the weekend while the building was closed.

And so this sad episode comes to an end without the good people of Maine getting to have their say, with the autocratic fiat of our tinpot dictator of a governor whitewashing historical reality like so many, as the New York Times pointed out, Egyptian pharaohs before him.

It's possible that this sad, pathetic episode will generate the most national attention of anything LePage ever does. Even his infantile schoolboy taunts to the NAACP didn't quite catch on like this story, which has gotten a few words in almost every national news outlet, and been blogged the nation over.

The result, of course, is that Maine is becoming a laughingstock. When people think of Maine, they will think less of lobster, rocky coasts, scenic byways, and moose crossings, and more of the foolish simpletons who elected the cretinous blockhead to be governor (the fact that this fathead received barely over a third of the vote will be forgotten to history).

But, thankfully ,I also have another prediction: this is the beginning of the end for LePage. By now it is clear to everyone, even the mouthbreathers who will continue to voice support, that this moron doesn't deserve to be within 20 miles of the Governor's Mansion.

If only stupidity were his worst attribute, for far more likely to wreak havoc on Maine is his lickspittle cronyism for big business and the Chamber lobbyists. I daresay Pual LePage hasn't had an original thought pass through his brain-matter since he figured out his only hope in life was to beg Peter Snowe to get his semi-illiterate ass into Husson College.


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