Tuesday, February 15, 2011

LePage to Mainers: "Get off your lazy asses" (paraphrase)

The shocking, utterly contemptible boorishness of our Governor is really difficult to fathom. Honestly, how this man came to run our state is well beyond my powers to understand. (yes, I know, three candidate race, split progressive vote, yadda yadda).

Can you imagine the cluelessness of a fathead who would actually say the following:

LePage ended his speech by repeating his pledge to protect the most vulnerable, but he had a message for others.

"Those who can work, we will simply ask them to get a job," he said.

Oh! Of course!!! HOW STUPID OF US!!! The answer to the employment crisis facing this state and this nation is for unemployed people to get off their lazy asses and GET A JOB! Duh. How did I not see it? Oh, Governor LePage, you're such a straight-talking common sense hero for the regular joe. Now folks don't need to worry about the extension of their unemployment benefits or their lack of healthcare, because YOU'VE GIVEN THEM THE SOLUTION! Get a job! Hurrah!

Jesus Christ, who knew we elected this guy as our governor...

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